Commercial and Residential Door Hardware

Doormate is the perfect choice for residential and commercial door hardware because we offer a wide selection of products. From changing door locks to door opening systems and more, Doormate has all the hardware you need to keep your home or business secure.

The products we supply and support are made to last, with heavy-duty designs that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Plus, they feature a range of features to ensure your security.

Doormate specialize in the following types of Door Hardware

Piano/ Continuous Hinges

Piano hinges, also called continuous hinges, are a versatile and reliable solution for many applications. They are strong and durable, and they provide a consistent and secure connection between two surfaces. Piano hinges are extremely popular for use on doors, cabinets, and panels because they are designed to support even the heaviest of items. Additionally, they are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match any design aesthetic.

Piano hinges are adjustable and offer a range of motion. They are designed to be flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit any size opening. This makes them ideal for applications that require a precise fit, such as doors in narrow spaces. Additionally, piano hinges are resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, so they will last for many years.

Piano hinges also offer a clean and sleek look that can enhance the overall design of a space. They are available in different colors and finishes, so they can be matched to any interior design. Furthermore, because piano hinges are so reliable and durable, they can be used in commercial applications, such as airports and schools.

Piano Continuous Hinges

Door Closers (Elbow hinge)

Door closers (elbow hinges) are an essential piece of hardware for any home or business. They offer a variety of benefits that make them a great choice. They provide a safe, secure closure for any door, ensuring that it will close and lock properly. Additionally, they provide a consistent, reliable closure that ensures that the door will close and latch properly every time. They also help to reduce energy loss by preventing drafts from entering the building.

Door closers (elbow hinges) also offer a level of convenience that is hard to match. With a door closer, you never have to worry about manually closing the door or leaving it open for long periods of time. They are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Plus, they are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect one to match your home or business décor.

Door closers (elbow hinges) provide an excellent level of security for any home or business. They can be used to secure any door, from entry doors to internal doors. They can be adjusted to make sure the door closes securely and stays shut, while also preventing forced entry. This added level of security can help to keep your home or business safe from intruders.

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Push/Panic Bars / Exit Devices

Push/panic bars/exit devices are a great safety feature in any building, as they provide a quick and easy way for people to escape in an emergency. Panic bars and exit devices can provide quick access to an emergency exit in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency. In addition, the bars are designed to be easy to operate, even for those who may be unfamiliar with their operation, making them a great choice for busy workplaces.

Commercial and residential door installation

Commercial and Residential Door Locks

Commercial and residential door locks come in a variety of options for security and convenience. For businesses, deadbolts, locksets, and electronic locks are popular choices. Deadbolts are simple and secure, providing a great level of protection to commercial properties. Locksets offer a more aesthetically pleasing way to secure doors, while still providing a secure locking mechanism. Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular among businesses due to their convenience and additional features, such as keyless entry and remote access.

For residential properties, there is an even greater variety of door lock options. Knob locks and deadbolts are popular choices, providing basic security for residential homes. Lever locks are becoming increasingly popular for homes due to their ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Keyless entry locks are also a great option for residential homes, offering extra convenience and security. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide additional features, such as remote access and voice-activated entry.

No matter what type of door lock a homeowner or business owner chooses, it is important to keep security in mind. Different types of locks offer different levels of security, so it is important to choose the right type of lock for the level of security needed. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of door locks is important to ensure that they are in proper working condition.

Commercial and Residential Locks

Security Solutions / Astragal

Astragal is an essential component in doors that provides a variety of benefits. It is a strip of material, typically made of wood, that is used to weatherproof and secure doors. Astragal is an important part of any door, as it helps to keep out dust, wind, and pests, while also providing a more secure seal.

Astragal also adds an extra layer of insulation to a door, helping to keep out noise and regulate temperatures. This is especially useful in areas with extreme temperatures, as a well-sealed astragal can prevent drafts and keep the air inside the building more comfortable. Additionally, astragal can help to extend the life of a door by protecting against wear and tear. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to the door, making it look more polished and professional. Overall, astragal is an essential part of any door and provides numerous benefits.

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Pivot Hinges

Pivot hinges are a great choice for door installation. They provide a variety of benefits that make them a superior choice over other types of hinges.

Firstly, pivot hinges are incredibly strong and durable. They distribute weight more evenly than traditional hinges and can support heavier doors without any problems. This makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas, as they can withstand frequent use without any wear and tear. Additionally, pivot hinges can be adjusted to provide a greater range of motion, allowing for a door to open fully and close flush against its frame. This makes it easier to open or close the door and eliminates any gaps or draughts. Finally, pivot hinges are aesthetically pleasing, as they can be found in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any décor.

Door Installation

Other Types of Door Hardware Doormate provides

  • Changing and Installing Locks
  • Door Closers
  • Door Seals
  • Door Security
  • Pocket Door Hardware
  • Automatic Door closer/opener

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